This video shows critical moments in ZURI’s hybrid VTOL aircraft life. ZURI’s founder and CEO, Mr. Michal Illich, presents all major arguments about our mission and his vision of a regional air mobility future.




After more than three years of development and successful ground tests of its technological demonstrator, ZURI presents a new model of its hybrid VTOL aircraft in the passenger version with internal designation ZURI 2.0 and a dedicated version for cargo transport with internal designation ZURI 2.0 CARGO.

We have achieved a true milestone in developing our hybrid VTOL aircraft. Following several ground performance tests, the ZURI team carried out the first hover test on 15th September 2021 at an airport near Zbraslavice. Our large-scale technological demonstrator with an 11m wingspan took off the ground and achieved its first hover flight. This test was significant as we had the opportunity to measure many parameters that could not be obtained during ground performance tests.

ZURI unveils VTOL technology demonstrator for the first time and starts its tests at the airport.

  • ZURI reveals its technology demonstrator in full for the first time
  • The final ground tests of the ZURI technology demonstrator took place at an airport near Prague.
  • Hybrid VTOL aviation technology developed by ZURI since 2017 has moved to the next development phase.
  • The technology demonstrator with a wingspan of 11m (36ft) performed the successful ground evaluation process necessary to verify the interoperability of individual systems and confirm power unit performance.

ZURI is now ready for the hover tests!


Vertically into the air!
We are happy to announce partnering with two new investors, Marek Rosa from Good AI and Zdeněk Polách. Thank you also Forbes Česko for covering this great ZURI news - for this time in the Czech language.