ZURI is recently partnering with two new investors

Vertically into the air!
We are happy to announce partnering with two new investors, Marek Rosa from Good AI and Zdeněk Polách. Thank you also Forbes Česko for covering this great ZURI news - for this time in the Czech language. 

"In the new investment round, we received 300,000 €  from Marek Rosa from Good AI and Zdeněk Polách," says Michal Illich to Forbes and immediately adds: "Both investors spoke independently of each other directly to me. So it was not part of a big search or an active campaign. Marek Rosa and Zdeněk Polách, who was behind the launch of Bonusweb or Kaora, joined investors such as Pale Fire Capital or Kiwi.com, who have already joined ZURI in the past and invested a total of 800k €.