Hover + Roll + Pitch Tests were Successful!

Join us as we celebrate a groundbreaking moment in drone technology. Watch as we achieve our first flight milestone with our next-gen VTOL drone. Witness successful hover, roll, and pitch tests as we pave the way for efficient forward flight. Stay tuned for more updates as we push the boundaries of aerial innovation



In November 2023 we were part of the Dubai Airshow together with more than 1400 other exhibitors. Zuri joined the official Czech delegation - so among just a dozen of the best companies in the aerospace industry, where we were alongside the Commander of the Czech Air Force and the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic.



We were the only exhibitor to offer an augmented reality tour of the aircraft. The appeal of the Zuri hybrid electric five-seater aircraft was confirmed by its presentation on page 1 of the trade fair newspaper.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to an unforgettable trip!

On April 17th, the CEO of Zuri presented at the Sustainable Skies World Summit in Farnborough. Among other information, the CEO opened up Zuri's investment round to interested investors worldwide. Basic information and a form to request a detailed deck can be found HERE

The pre-series-A round is planned to be up to €1.5M, with €400k already secured and received by the company in the last month.

From the outside, the most significant change has been made at the aircraft's rear. Here, instead of a standard tail with a vertical stabilizer, there is now a V-Tail. Such design change will allow for larger propellers and a further increase in the distance between propellers and the ground. Furthermore, using a V-Tail should result in lower aerodynamic drag and help in the plane's overall aerodynamics characteristics.

One of the changes that will affect the passenger version the most is the change in the internal layout. The original VIP and Executive variants, which had different seating arrangements, are now unified into a 1+2+2 scheme.

Minor design changes have also been made to the Cargo version, whose interior space is now better suited for different types of cargo.

Even in the era of high-end virtual prototyping, nothing matches a physical prototype. At ZURI, we are using honeycomb reinforced cardboard to create a cabin interior with all elements such as seats, doors, and control panels.

Such a prototype helps the team create a real-life experience that complements the virtual prototyping. By sitting in a model seat, our lead designer can instantly feel the space, and distance from other elements inside the cabin and can make important decisions about ergonomics.