New video shows development progress of the ZURI hybrid VTOL aircraft.

Key members of the ZURI team discuss work progress in various segments, such as mechanical, electrical, and flight control systems. The current set of live tests aims to verify previous computer simulations and see how the aircraft behaves in real-life conditions. This includes critical parts of the aircraft, such as battery packs and motors.

Hover tests give us a unique opportunity to verify the structural rigidity of the aircraft. By analyzing data collected from many sensors during hover tests, the team can determine which parts require further strengthening, how to improve weight distribution, and where we can make actual weight savings.

The ZURI team will intensify its testing. Their result should be a key component of the control system, the so-called angle mode, which enables automatic correction of individual engines so that the control of the machine is easier for the pilots. To test the unique demonstration on a large scale, the team also arranged new facilities at the airport.