You'll be able to see and experience Zuri VTOL in Virtual Reality before it's made

Imagine being able to fly in our VTOL aircraft before it leaves a production line. 
Experience the feeling when you sit in the cockpit, look around and have the opportunity 
to "see for yourself" the features of any product. 

Our startup, based in Czech Republic is working on development of VTOL = aircraft 
with a vertical takeoff and landing. Planned range is 700 kilometers, maximum speed is 
300 km/h and VTOL can ascend to maximum altitude of 3400 m. 

Thanks to the advanced technologies provided by VRgineers and TECHNODAT, all members of the ZURI team, engineers, developers, designers, suppliers and even potential investors can communicate and work remotely in a virtual reality environment. 

"Zuri is a revolutionary project that deserves a revolutionary approach. By combining the latest available technologies in the field of 3D modeling and virtual reality, we have managed to create a unique solution for the promotion of innovative products," says Marek Polčák, CEO of VRgineers. 
A key feature of this new technology is that the end customer can test the aircraft from 
the early stages of the project before production begins. To see and feel and even fly in 
ZURI VTOL. As a result, it gains trust in the product even before it is completed. 

This will make it easier for ZURI to introduce our product to investors at the beginning of cooperation to be able to raise funds for production and certification.

"Developing a plane with a vertical takeoff is not easy. Therefore, I would like to thank all 
the partners involved in the development. Now we are waiting for the completion of the 
11 meter prototype and its first flight tests. Our new platform is crucial for the future of our project, especially for the purpose of presenting the project to potential investors or 
customers, ” says Zuri founder Michal Illich.