Zuri is a VTOL airplane

Zuri is controlled by autopilot. Eventually, it will not require a human pilot.
Horizontal flight is powered by a regular propeller.
8 rotors allow vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
The wings provide upward lift, resulting in an efficient flight.
vertical flight

Zuri has eight electromotors with big rotors. Having less rotors would be dangerous, having more would reduce efficiency.

Effective horizontal flight

horizontal flight

All flight phases are controller by autopilot. During vertical flight, the onboard computer controlls stabilization. Its reaction speed trumps that of a human by orders of magnitude. The autopilot ensures smooth movement and compensates for the force of the wind blowing.

Horizontal flight is controlled by a fly-by-wire system, similar to what's used in other modern airplanes.

We are different

Zuri is not a copter, heli, flying car or a common airplane.
What are the disadvantages of other concepts?
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